Calcium metabolism

About 100 million people worldwide suffer from degenerative joint disease and presumably its incidence will further increase due to demographic and lifestyle changes.

The loss of articular cartilage during joint destruction is irreversible and current therapies are unsuitable to stop or even reverse cartilage loss.

Thus, it is of special importance to diagnose degenerative joint diseases as early as possible and to start an appropriate therapy before the disease has become radiologically apparent.
With the measurement of biomarkers, degenerative joint diseases can be a) detected already in the initial stage, b) monitored or c) even predicted.

Cat-Nr.Product name
CY-4000FGF-23 Intact, Human (Kainos)
BI-20702Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 (C-terminal)
KT-800Human Fetuin-A
BI-20700Intact Fibroblast Growth Factor 23
JP-27998Klotho, Human

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