Klotho, Human


Sample preparation

Collection, testing and samples storage should take place promptly. Store samples at -20 °C or below. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing of specimens.

Reference values

239 – 1266 pg/mL

Product name Klotho, Human
Cat-Nr. JP-27998
Range 93.75 - 6000 pg/mL
Sensitivity 6.15 pg/mL
Incubation time 2 hours
Sample volume 100 μL
Sample type

Serum, EDTA plasma, urine




No cross-reactions observed with: osteopontin, human VEGF or PD

Tests 96
Method ELISA

Intended use

Klotho is a single-pass trans-membrane anti-aging protein (1014 amino-acids, 130 kDa, chromosomic location in 13q12 in humans) that has been recently shown to have wide and important biological effects. Its expression occurs mainly in the kidney and in the parathyroid. Its extra-cellular domain is wide whereas its intra-cellular part is very short; it also exists as a soluble protein.

In humans, Klotho polymorphisms have been associated both in a positive and negative way to bone mineral density, life expectancy, cardiovascular events (e.g., ischemic stroke, carotid atherosclerosis), biomarkers of metabolic syndrome (e.g., uric acid levels, lipid and glucose metabolisms), and even to cognitive ability.

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