Product name

M30 Apoptosense® ELISA (PEVIVA®)

Measurement of soluble human intermediate filament protein fragments of keratin 18 (K18)* that contain the M30 neo-epitope (K18Asp396-NE). Released from human epithelial cells.

Range40 – 1000 U/l (units are defined against a synthetic peptide standard containing the M30 and M5 epitopes; 1 U/l = 1.24 pM)
Sensitivity20 U/l
Incubation time4.5 hours
Sample volume25 µl
Sample type

serum, plasma (EDTA, Heparin, Citrate) and cell cultures (epithelial cell

Sample preparation

Store samples at 2 – 8 °C up to 4 hours. For longer
periods, store samples frozen at -20 °C or lower.
Samples can be freeze-thawed without loss of activity, it is recommended that repeated freeze thawing should be avoided.

Reference values

Cut-off < 200 U/L - 200 normal subjects, 95th percentile 251 U/L
> 200 U/l Values are a st rong indication for substantial
li ver disease (for example NASH), if the presence of a n
epithelial carcinoma is excluded.


Human, Primates

Intended use

The M30 neo-epitope (K18Asp396-NE) is a sensitive and integrative indicator specific for epithelial cell death involving caspase -3, -7 or -9 activation.

Quantitative measurement of the apoptotic cell death biomarker K18Asp396-NE (“M30 antigen”) released from dying human epithelial cell lines in vitro or in vivo. The cells or tissues should be of human epithelial origin (e.g. kidney, gut, colon, lung or liver) expressing K18.

* Note:
caspase-cleaved K18 = ccK18 previously Cytokeratin 18 (CK18/ccCK18)

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