Bone metabolism

Product name

NTX-Serum (Osteomark®)

N-terminal Telopeptide of Collagen Type-I

Range5 - 40 nM BCE
Sensitivity3.2 nM BCE
Incubation time2 hours
Sample volume50 µl (dilute 1:5)
Sample type

Serum, cell culture

Sample preparation

Specimen should be collected at the same time of the day. Store samples refrigerated at 2-8°C for up to 24 hours or frozen at -20 °C for longer storage. Stable up to 3 freeze and thaw cycles.

Reference values

nmol Bone Collagen Equivalents per litre = nM BCE 


  Mean SD  Range
(mean ± 2 SD)
Premenopausal women
(25 - 49 years)
12.6 3.2 6.2 - 19.0
Postmenopausal women     12.9 - 22.7
 Men (31 - 80 years) 14.8 4.7 5.4 - 24.2







Reference values from children are available.


Human, bovine, sheep, porcine, rabbit, rat, rhesus macaque

Tests96 Tests
Intended use

Osteomark® NTX-Serumtest is used for the quantitative management of cross-linked N-telopeptides of type I collagen in human serum. The NTX molecule is bone specific due to the unique amino acid sequences of the cross-linked alpha-2 (I) N- telopeptide. Release of the NTX molecule is mediated by osteoclasts. Elevated levels of NTX indicate elevated bone resorption.

NTX levels are used for:
- monitoring of antiresorptive therapy in osteoporosis
- Paget’s disease
- monitoring and early detection of bone metastasis.

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