M30 CytoDeath™ (PEVIVA®)


Soluble caspase-cleaved fragments of the intermediate filament protein cytokeratin-18 (K18)* containing the M30 neo-epitope (K18-Asp396-NE).
Released from human, monkey or bovine epithelial cells in cell culture

Sample preparation

Fresh samples are stable for up to two days at 2 – 8 °C, for at least
9 months at -20 °C; and for at least two years when stored at -80 °C.
Avoid repeated freezing and thawing of specimens.

Product name M30 CytoDeath™ (PEVIVA®)
Cat-Nr. 10900
Range 250 - 3000 U/l (1 U/l = 1.24 pM)
Sensitivity 60 U/l
Incubation time 4.5 hours
Sample volume 25 µl
Sample type

Cell lysates or culture supernatants.


Cell lines from human, monkey and bovine.

Tests 96
Method ELISA

Intended use

Quantitative measurement of the apoptotic cell death biomarker K18-Asp396-NE in cell culture experiments. Can be used for cell lysates and/or culture supernatants. The assay only detects apoptosis in cells of epithelial origin that express K18. Cells should be of human, monkey or bovine origin.
To be used to determine accumulation of caspase-cleaved K18 (ccK18) in cell cultures, providing an integrative measure of apoptosis. The K18-Asp396 neo-epitope is formed by caspase-3, -7 or -9 activation.

caspase-cleaved K18 = ccK18 previously Cytokeratin 18 (CK18/ccCK18)

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