C6 (Human) Polyclonal Goat Antiserum


A goat antiserum raised against human C6 protein.

Product name C6 (Human) Polyclonal Goat Antiserum
Cat-Nr. A223C

Intended use

Storage: 2-8°C, long term - aliquots -20°C
Volume/Vial: 2.0 ml
Form: Whole Antiserum
Preservative: 0.02% Sodium Azide

Quidel's polyclonal antiserum to human C6 has been used in a variety of immunochemical techniques including RID, EIA, Ouchterlony, and Immunohistology.


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  • S. Barbashov, Wang C., Nicholson-Weller, A., Serum amyloid P component forms a stable complex with human C5b-6, J. Immunol. 158:3830-3835 (1997).


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