Anti C4d, FITC


Product name Anti C4d, FITC
Sample volume 100 μl
Sample type




Tests 125
Method Flow Cytometry

Intended use

The antibody has been tested for the flow cytometric detection of cell- or solidphasebound C4 and C4d split product of alloantibody-triggered C4d deposition to FlowPRA® Class I and II Screening Test beads (One Lambda, Inc., Canoga Park, CA, USA). This assay ([C4d]FlowPRA) is applicable for the detection of complement-fixing anti-HLA alloantibodies. For [C4d]FlowPRA (see working protocol). A final dilution of 1:50 is recommended.

Intended use:

C4d is the degradation product of the activated complement factor C4, a component of the classical complement cascade, which is typically initiated by binding of antibodies to specific target molecules. Detection of C4d is regarded as an indirect sign, a “footprint” of an antibody response against the allograft. The majority of publications describe C4d as an important biomarker in kidney transplantation but also in heart, liver, and other transplants.

Intended applications:

  • Humoral transplant rejection

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