Growth metabolism

Product name

hGH – high sensitive

Human Growth hormone or Somatotropin

Range0.05 – 1 ng/ml
Sensitivity1.6 pg/ml
Incubation time3.5 hours
CalibrationWHO NIBSC 98/574
Sample volume10 µl (dilute 1:26 for serum and plasma)
Sample type

Serum, plasma (EDTA, heparin), cell culture

Sample preparation

Samples have to be chilled as soon as possible after collection. Long-term storage should be carried out at –20°C or below. Maximum 5 freeze/thaw cycles.

Reference values
  range (ng/ml) median (ng/ml)
adult female 0.19 – 10.15 0.81
adult male 0.15 – 4.34 0.28





No detection of growth hormone analogues

Tests96 Tests
Intended use

The growth of a person and the maturation of bones are regulated by a complex interaction of hormones. Growth hormone plays the leading role and is produced in hypophysis. The hypophysis releases the growth hormone intermittently in the blood circulation with the highest rate during the night. The growth hormone induces the production of the growth factor IGF-1 in the liver, which in childhood stimulates the growth of bone and muscle tissue.
Determination of human growth hormone is done for diagnostic of growth hormone deficiency or growth hormone excess (acromegaly). During medical and/or after surgical therapy of acromegaly growth hormone (and IGF-1) measurement is used for therapy control.
Highly specific antibodies allow application of our assay even in case of GH analogue therapy.

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