Growth metabolism

Product name


Insulin like Growth Factor – I (IGFBP blocked)

Range42 – 1050 ng/ml (after dilution 1:21)
Sensitivity0.09 ng/ml
Incubation time2 hours RT
CalibrationWHO NIBSC 02/254
Sample volume10 µl (dilute 1:21)
Sample type

Serum, plasma, CSF and other human body fluids/ cell culture media.

Sample preparation

Samples have to be chilled as soon as possible after collection. Long-term storage should be carried out at –20°C or below. Avoid repeated freezing/thawing of specimens.

Reference values

IGF-I serum concentration is the main parameter in growth diagnostics. Critical for correct interpretation of measured IGF-I values is the consideration of age and gender dependency of IGF-I concentration. A detailed table is included in the product brochure.


Human, primates, bovine, porcine, sheep, horse, donkey, goat, dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig

Tests96 Tests
Intended use

IGF-1 is a low molecular weight peptide which promotes cellular mitosis and differentiation in a variety of tissues. In nanism due to congenital GH deficiency or GH resistance, as well as in later forms of GH deficiency a decrease in circulating IGF-I can be observed. This also causes a decrease in serum levels of IGFBP-3 (GH dependent). On the other hand GH hypersecretion (gigantism, acromegaly) causes increased IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 levels.

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