Reagents Complement Analysis

Product name

Human Serum Complement

Human serum characterized for levels of complement activation fragments

Human Serum Complement is intended for use expressly in experiments to assess levels of in vitro complement activation or complement cytotoxicity. It has been characterized in the Quidel Complement Activation Assays for levels of Bb, C4d, C3a, iC3b, and TCC as well as for total CH50.

Intended use

Volume: 2.5 ml
Storage: at or below -70°C

This product is intended for use in an experimental setting specifically for monitoring in vitro complement activation. It is therefore appropriate for use in biocompatibility experiments including drug development, biomaterials testing and other applications where the effects of complement need to be monitored. This product contains no EDTA.


  • Idusogie, E. E., Presta, L, et al., Mapping of the C1q binding site on Rituxan, a chimeric antibody with a human IgG1 FC, J. Immunol 164:4178-4184 (2000).


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