Purified Complement Proteins

Product name

Factor B

Purified human complement Factor B

Intended use

Factor B is one of the proteins unique to the Alternative Complement Pathway. The 93 kD Factor B protein is made up of a single peptide chain. When the alternative pathway is activated either directly or by the classical pathway via the amplification loop, C3b can bind whole Factor B. Factor D can then cleave Factor B in a single site to yield Ba and Bb. Bb can then become the enzymatically active constituent of the C3 and C5 alternative pathway convertases.

Concentration: 1.0 mg/ml
Volume/Vial: 250 µl/vial
Storage: at or below -70°C
Purity: > 95%
Buffer: PBS

Functional Testing:
All Quidel complement components are tested for functional activity in a standard lytic or applicable functional assay and for biochemical purity by SDS- polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Please refer to the Certificate of Analysis for lot specific information on functional titer.

Quidel's purified human complement components are useful in a wide variety of immunochemical and research applications.


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