Monoclonal Antibodies

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Monoclonal Antibody to Human SC5b-9 (neoantigen)

A murine monoclonal antibody to a neoantigen on the terminal complement complex

Intended use

Isotype: IgG2bk
Protein Concentration: > 1.0 mg/ml
Volume/Vial: 100 µl
Storage: 2-8°C

This monoclonal antibody was raised against purified human C9. This antibody has been shown to bind to a neoantigen expressed on SC5b-9, TCC, MAC, poly- C9 and on denatured immobilized C9.

Quidel's TCC monoclonal antibody has been used in a variety of experimental techniques including EIA, Western Blot, and Immunohistochemistry.


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