Monoclonal Antibodies

Product name

Monoclonal Antibody to Human Factor B (Bb)

A murine monoclonal antibody to an epitope in the Bb fragment of
Factor B

Intended use

Isotype: IgG1k
Protein Concentration: > 1.0 mg/ml
Volume/Vial: 100 µl
Storage: -20°C or below

This monoclonal antibody was raised against purified human Factor B. It is specific for an antigen expressed on the Bb domain of Factor B and therefore reactive to Factor B and the Bb fragment of Factor B. This antibody inhibits the function of Factor B in vitro.

Quidel's Factor B (Bb) monoclonal antibody has been used in a variety of experimental techniques including EIA, Western Blot, Flow Cytometry, RIA, Hemagglutination and Immunohistochemistry.


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  • D. Hourcade, et al., A conserved element in the serine protease domain of complement Factor B, J Bio Chem 273:25996-26000, 1998.


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