Cartilage metabolism

Product name

YKL-40 for Rheumatology and Oncology (Quidel®)

Human Cartilage Glycoprotein 39

Range20 - 300 ng/ml
SensitivityLOD: 5.4 ng/ml; LLOQ: 15.6 ng/ml
Incubation time3 hours
Sample volume20 µl
Sample type

Serum, synovial fluid, plasma, cell culture, CSF.

Sample preparation

Serum stable for 3 hours at RT, plasma stable for 8 hours at RT.
For longer storage, freeze specimens at -20 °C or below.

Reference values
Women (< 60 years)  25 - 93
Men (< 60 years) 24 - 125

Human, baboon, rhesus macaque, cynomolgus macaque

Tests96 Tests
Intended use

YKL-40 is a 40-kDa heparin-binding glycoprotein. Increased serum YKL-40 levels were found in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, inflammatory intestinal diseases, heavy bacterial infections and liver fibrosis.

Further areas:
• Oncology
• Asthma

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