Calcium metabolism

Product name

Anti-human PTH 1-34 Antibody

RangeNegative, positive 1:100, positive 1:10, positive 1:1
Incubation time2.5 hours
Sample volume50 μl
Sample type

Serum, plasma, cell culture

Sample preparation

Samples may be stored at 2-8 °C for three days or stored frozen at -20 °C
or below for longer time periods.




Anti-human antibody reference controls in human serum

Intended use

This kit is intended for research use only in the qualitative detection of antibodies to human PTH (1-34) in humans or other animal models. Teriparatide (rhPTH 1-34) is a recombinant human parathyroid hormone derivative consisting of the first 34 amino acids of the hormone. Teriparatide was approved as a drug by the FDA in 2002 and is sold by Eli Lilly & Co. under the brand name Forteo. Teriparatide is indicated for use in patients with osteoporosis. It is currently administered by injection and has an anabolic effect on bone, binding to the PTH/PTHrp Type 1 receptor with the same affinity as the intact molecule, PTH (1-84). This receptor activation results in a series of events leading to the formation of new trabecular and cortical bone. Research is continuing at pharmaceutical and biotech companies to pursue similar drugs and alternate delivery pathways. Immunogenicity for this drug, defined as the presence of antibodies to human PTH (1-34), was detected in 2.8 % of women receiving teriparatide during the clinical trials of Forteo. The detection of these circulating antibodies may be of clinical relevance for the proper assessment of patients.

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