Bone metabolism

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Range~ 10 – 160 pmol/l (1 pmol/l = 28.67 pg/ml)
Sensitivity1.7 pmol/l
Incubation time3.5 hours
Sample volume20 µl
Sample type


Sample preparation

Samples store at -25 °C. Avoid more than 3 freeze/thaw cycles. Lipemic or hemolyzed samples should not be used. Before use, thaw samples at room temperature and mix them thoroughly.

Reference values

Serum samples of blood donors had a mean DKK-1
level of 35 pmol/l. (n=51)
Median 36 pmol/l (SD 15 pmol/l)



Intended use

Dickkopf-1(DKK-1) is a 28.67 Da secreted protein that acts as soluble inhibitor of the WNT signalling pathway. This pathway contains lipid-modified glycoproteins that activate cell surface receptor-mediated signal transduction to regulate cell activities like: cell fate, proliferation, migration, polarity and gene expression. DKK-1 regulates different developmental processes and is also involved in the regulation of bone metabolism as it inhibits the differentiation of osteoblast. DKK-1 is also secreted by different tumours activity.

Possible Indications
• Osteoarthritis
• Osteoporosis
• Colon Carcinomas
• Multiple Myelomas
• Bone Metastases

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