Growth Factors and Cytokine

From RELIATech we provide a selection of human recombinant growth factors and cytokines prepared in E. coli, yeast and baculovirus infected insect cells of top quality and high biological activity intended for in vitro research activities, tissue engineering, ex-vivo cell propagation and for primary cell expansion.

RELIATech’s growth factors and cytokines are produced to guarantee safe conditions and reproducible quality. Each batch of purified material is tested in an appropriate and established in vitro assay with well characterized cell lines or with human primary cells. The integrity and immuno profile of each purification is analysed to meet our pre-defined specifications.

Our data sheets and certificates contain detailed instructions, bio- activity, unit description, storage and reconstitution of a particular recom- binant protein. We can provide our customers with additional information for use of our growth factors and cytokines cell based assays and pre- clinical animal studies.

Together with some of our specific soluble receptor proteins they can additionally be used for some ligand receptor interaction studies and also for assay development.

Product details:

(Available Switzerland/Benelux)

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