ELISA Complement Activity Analysis

Product name

CH50 Eq MicroVue™ Quidel®

Total classical complement pathway activity

RangeAppr. 0 - 300 U Eq/ml
Incubation time3.5 hours
Sample volume14 µl (dilute 1:200)
Sample type

Serum ONLY. Plasma CANNOT be used.

Sample preparation

The proper collection, storage and shipment of specimens are essential, since complement may be activated in improperly handled specimens. Assay immediately or keep on ice for testing within 4 hours, up to 3 days at 4°C. For long-term storage, freeze at -70 ºC. Maximum 6 freeze/thaw cycles.

Reference values

133 ± 54 U Eq/ml


Human, cynomolgus macaque


The monoclonal antibody specific to terminal complement complexes arising as the result of the activation step in the test.

Tests96 Tests
Intended use

The binding of C1q component of C1 to immune complexes triggers the classical complement pathway. This activation results in a cascade of enzymatic and non-enzymatic reactions, culminating in the formation of terminal complement complexes (TCC). Under standard conditions, the level of TCC that can be generated in serum is a quantitative expression of the serum’s total classical complement activity. The MicroVue CH50 Eq EIA is designed to measure the total classical complement pathway activity in human serum samples. The measurement of CH50 allows detection of deficiencies of one or more complement components
(C1 through C9).

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