ELISA Complement Activity Analysis

Product name

C3a Plus MicroVue™ Quidel®

Quantification of the C3a fragment

Range0.05 - 5 ng/ml
SensitivityLOD: 0.012 ng/ml; LLOQ: 0.023 ng/ml
Incubation time2 hours 15 minutes
Sample volume10 µl (dilute 1:200 for plasma, 1:5000 for serum)
Sample type

Human plasma, serum, or other biological fluids

Sample preparation

Sample collection is critical. Care must be taken to avoid C3a generation in the sample. For plasma, blood samples should be collected with disodium EDTA as anticoagulant and should be centrifuged at 2000xg at 2-8 °C.
The entire operation must be completed immediately. Samples should be prepared and assayed immediately or stored on ice for up to 2 hours.
For long-term storage freeze at -70 ºC with stabilizing solution.

Reference values

Serum                71.0 – 589.2 ng/ml
EDTA Plasma     33.8 – 268.1 ng/ml


Human, cynomolgus macaque, baboon, rhesus macaque


Monoclonal mouse-antibody, specifically binds C3a-desArg.

Tests96 Tests
Intended use

The C3a enzyme immunoassay measures the amount of C3a-desArg in human EDTA plasma, serum and other research samples.
Under normal conditions, activation of the classical, alternativ or lectin complement pathways results in the formation of a C3 convertase muli-molecular enzyme capable of cleaving C3 to C3a and C3b. C3a is a low molecular weight (approximately 9 kD) protein fragment of 77 amino acids. C3a is rapidly metabolized by the serum enzyme , carboxypeptidase N, to the more stable, 76 amino acid form, C3a des-Arg.
The quantitation of C3a des-Arg therefore provides a reliable measurement of the level of complement activation in the test sample.

Product informations

C3 is central to the classical, alternative and lectin pathways of complement activation. During complement activation, C3 is proteolytically cleaved resulting in release of the anaphylatoxic peptide C3a. Measurement of C3a allows reliable conclusions about the level of complement activation in the samples. Our kit can be used in mouse serum or plasma samples.

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